Those in non-math careers: What do you do to keep up your “mathiness” after you’ve graduated?

I graduated a bit over a year ago with a BS in Math and Physics. Living and breathing proofs and rolling around with hard problems for 5 years straight. For many reasons, I decided not to go to grad school. Moved around a bit, learned a lot of Python, and ended up getting a job as a data analyst. I’m not terribly dissatisfied with where I ended up—able to survive and tackle student loans, after all—but it’s not the most intellectually stimulating work. Even after a year I definitely feel less sharp and I find myself “autopiloting” more than I used to when I was doing math 24/7.

So I’m wondering, has anyone else dealt with this after they finished their studies? And if so, what do you do to help keep your math side sharp and your brain entertained? Read papers? Pull out a textbook and do some problems? Volunteering at schools?

Would love to get some ideas!

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