New car for colder climate?

I have a 2010 Toyota Tacoma which I’ve been driving around Texas for 6 years. It has almost 185k miles on it at this point but since I take it in for regular maintenance, it’s still running wonderfully. However, I moved to Albany, NY about 4 months ago and it’s starting to get cold and it’s got me thinking about winterizing my car. It’s a RWD so I figured I’d at least need to get snow tires for it, along with a few other things.

I’ve recently heard that cars are built differently for different climates, and that I’m better off buying a new car better suited for the north. I’ve never heard of this, so my initial reaction is to not believe it but I wanted to see what others thought.

Is it necessary to buy a new car up here that’s “built” for colder climates? Or can I simply “winterize” it and continue driving the truck I love?

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