After replacing my entire engine on my VW 1.9 TDI 2002, I can not get the engine to sit idol. Any ideas on what might be the problem?

As stated, my I replaced the entire engine. I’ve got it buttoned you to wear I think it’s ready to go. I’ve cracked the fuel injectors a hair and I’ve got fuel coming out of them (However, the fuel is not spurting out into the air like I’ve been told it should be, but it’s still a good amount). I’ve started it with starter fluid and every other time I start it, it it will rev to about 3000 rpms and then die. I can’t get it to stay on. Is there anything I’m obviously forgetting? Another thing that maybe important is that this car has just been chillin’ in the driveway for around 3 years now. I thought maybe it would just take several cranks to get it going but I have now been through a can and a half of starter fluid and I’m starting to think I’m just forgetting something. Thanks for the help!

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