Understanding what Applied Calculus II is

Hi Math Friends,

I’m a student looking at some coursework that I need to take in the future (non traditional student fyi) and I’m having a hard time finding some clarity on a subject that I hope to find here.

SO! Applied Calculus II, not sure what I should be studying in order to have a better understanding of this, I’m refreshing myself on College Level Algebra in my current coursework.

Here is where it’s a bit tricky for me. I’m an Accounting major and one of the courses I have to take at my current school (which is a community college) is pre-calculus for business. When I transfer (to Baruch/Zicklin in NYC) the pre-req is Applied Calculus II.

I guess what I’m fishing for here is;

There isn’t an applied calculus I course here so what should I take as a stepping stone? What are some concepts I should be able to fully grasp?

Anyone take applied calculus II at Zicklin? Any info?

Anyway, Thanks in advance for any info.


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