How to enjoy math?

I see all kinds of people who are really good, and really enjoy math. It makes me wonder how you enjoy it. Obviously, the route to getting solid in mathematics is just to do it a lot. Which I am. I’m making a point to visit my university’s math tutor center every day. Regardless of whether or not I need help, I still go. I’m solving problems for an hour to 3 every day in an attempt to get good at what I know so far (and to hopefully start enjoying it like I see others doing). Being around so many capable and amazing mathematicians in the tutor center really motivates me. And it’s getting increasingly difficult to put the pen down and just stop doing it, so I often end up doing mathematics for longer than I need to. Though I’m not sure if that’s going to translate to enthusiasm eventually.

I’m not one of the people who subscribes to the idea that there are just math people. I’m a compsci student and I’m able to excel in programming areas of compsci, where logic also plays a massive role. I like solving programming problems, so I like problem solving obviously! I know I’m capable of doing it. I just wonder if I’m really capable of enjoying it. With programming it has so many implications to me. You can make something practical that other people will use! But with math I just don’t see the practicality. And in my programs, I often never use any “advanced” mathematics at all.

I’m looking at pursuing a math minor, because I really want to go into grad school after I get my bachelors in computer science, and having a math minor really helps my chances. I already like lots of the algorithmic and theoretical parts of compsci which often use a lot of maths, so it’s not a far stretch to imagine that i’m capable of liking it.

My question to those who actually enjoy math is this : How do I enjoy it? How did you start to enjoy it? What do you find exciting about it, and why am I unable to find joy for these reasons that keep getting parroted, such as “Math is beautiful”?

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