An informal proof of a multiplicative method

Hello! I recently came up with a proof for a new way of multiplying two numbers together, and my math teacher told me I should type it up and post it to this community. So I did.

I am aware that this may not be an original method and may even just be common sense to some of you. “Oh yeah, of course that method works, you idiot.” However, I wasn’t previously aware of this, and came up with it on my own. I did a few quick searches on the internet after I discovered it to see if anything like this came up but the only thing that did was cross-multiplication of fractions. This is my first proof, so please let me know what I could improve upon in the future, please.

A link to the proof itself, stored as a PDF. It should be set to public. The proof is largely self-contained, so I won’t put more here than I need to.

The proof itself was typed in a text editor (xed) and ran through a LaTeX processor (pdflatex). I made the images in GIMP.

(Oh, and I said I would link it in the comments, but here is the YouTube video I mentioned. The relevant section comes at around 18:00.)

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