dropping out of calc 1 twice


so I’ve always struggled with math. I got a 79% in pre calc 12 which isn’t that bad but math really does not come to me easy. I started university last year and was in calc 1 but quickly withdrew because I was in over my head. Now I’m back in calc 1 and again, ive procrastinated and now im quite behind in the class again.

to me, math is super daunting and ramps my anxiety/depression to max. i don’t mind programming and sometimes enjoy it but it breaks my heart knowing my degree is locked behind math that i just can’t ever seen to get.

im contemplating dropping again and enrolling in community college pre-calc 12 again so I can get my foundation back to where it used to be before I took a gap year and a half. but i have my friends who’ve completed calc 1 saying it’s easy just study. doing this is just going to delay my degree even more which is the part that bugs me.

im super sorry if this isn’t the right sub, im just so unbelievably lost right now and don’t know what to do. i want to pass this class but my drive is in the negatives 24/7. what would you guys suggest doing for someone who struggles like me?

all comments are appreciated, many thanks !!

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