The little things. (my 97 cougar gets noticed)

Let me start out by saying I find my self liking kind of niche cars for the most part. One I was excited to come into ownership with in the past year is a 1997 mercury cougar. There’s not a huge fan base for them (or bolt on aftermarket support) But I think it’s fun, classy, comfortable, and I do my best to keep it clean despite being a little rough around the edges since I got it. It goes mostly unnoticed other than my girlfriend’s friends asking why I drive an “old man” car.

How ever last night went I was getting into it the guy parked next to me enthusiastically asked “Dude! is that a cougar?” I replied with a smile and a “Yup”. He replied with “Sweet”. After he got into his car he rolled down the window to ask what year, and I told him “’97, last year of V8 rear wheel drive” and he said nice and smiled as he pulled away.

Sure my mustang gets attention and questions, but for some reason it felt better when some one else seemed to appreciate the oddball cougar.

Any one else find another niche enthusiast in the wild?

I’ve wound up being awkward several times by asking about crown vic’s and such and just getting replies like “Idk, I bought it cheap till I save up for a truck.”

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