[Q] If you know both R and SAS and both are available for a project, why would you pick SAS?

The Question:

This is a genuine and not a rhetorical question.

Assuming you are skilled in both R and SAS and your organization allows you to choose one or the other to be used in a particular project, why would you choose SAS?


It’s often said that, at an organizational level, the choice to use SAS is largely driven by external factors such as broader industry norms and regulations. Similarly, at an individual level, it’s often said that a person uses SAS only because their organization mandates it or because the individual is, say, an experienced economist and never needed to learn R or other similar tools such as Python, Julia, or S.

I’m quite experienced with R (and frankly enamored with it and its community), but I am only now learning SAS since it’s required in my academic program. So now I’m trying to decide whether I should invest time in really learning to use SAS for reasons other than just the possibility that I might work for a current or potential employer that mandates its use.

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