[Q] What interaction am I testing here and what post-hocs do I run?

I’m tripped up by an analysis for one of my studies. I made a mock table that mirrors my 3 condition study (Treatment x Gender x Time) on math scores: https://imgur.com/6nr6aen . I want to compare the blue cell to the blue cell and the orange cell to the orange cell.

In other words, I want to know if at Time 1 Males who received the Treatment differed from Females at Time 1 who were in the Control at and then whether these 2 groups differed at Time 2. My hypothesis is Time 1 will be no and Time 2 will be yes. What interaction am I testing here? Is it the three-way or is it just Treatment x Gender? What post-hocs do I run in SPSS for whichever one is right? Simple effects in SPSS for the the three-way interaction do not measure these groups when I get the output since they do not have a single level of a variable in common.

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