[Q] Trying to create a heat map representing color differences between two images – Need Method Suggestions

Sorry if this is not the correct place to post this question – I wasn’t sure what kind of community I should ask so I defaulted here. I have two images (Image 1, Image 2) that are fairly similar, however, there are noticeable changes between them. I’d like to visually represent the quantitative differences somehow.

I thought about making the images the same size, grabbing the RGB value for each pixel for both images, and then subtracting the RGB values for each pixel in image 2 from the same RGB value of image 1 with respect to the pixel position. But I’m not sure how I’d reconstruct the image after that, and creating a system that would subtract the hex values seems clunky and a little complicated. Does anyone know a way I can accomplish this task?

Thank you

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