Getting tyres changed after spray painting them with a can. Will they get scratched?

Im currently going through the pain of spray painting my alloys from silver too gloss black ( can job ) its coming out well and im happy with the finished product however one of the tyres needs changing, im just wondering am i going to take it to get the tyre changed only to get a new tyre and a scuffed fresh paintwork from where its probably not as durable as powder coating or bodyshop works?

And to add the necessary prep work was undertaken as follows: Sanded, 240 on deep surfaces up to a fine grit till smooth to the touch, fillered, sanded again, 2 in 1 filler primer (e-tech as i heard good things)- 3 coats,left for 24 hours, black base colour – 3-4 coats, left for 24 hours, clear coat/lacquer (e-tech again)- 2-3 coats, left for 24 hours and being fitted on car Friday.

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