Digital or Physical guage cluster?

As the title says. Recently, I have seen car reviewers say that regular, good old fashioned analog speedometers and tachometers are old and outdated, where digital clusters are the new sliced bread. And honestly, I really, really disagree. Most of the clusters that I have seen in person look fine, but my biggest gripe is that they have a laggyness associated with them, while a regular (analog??) is always smooth, never laggy, and unless in a cheap car never looks offensive and can even look cool when the manufacturer actually does something with it.

And yes, I know that digital clusters are getting better, and they are definitely more customizable, but honestly, why the hell do I need to read a text message next to my speed anyway? Isn’t that why we have our newer infotainment screens for navigation, texting, music or even heads up displays that keep our eyes on the road?

I know that with time they will be better, but they SHOULD already be better if they were going to be, they are intentionally making them poorly to make it seem like they are improving, when you can get one on your phone that has no lag, has better visuals and doesn’t cost as much as your left leg. They just feel lazy, and given a year or two, they will look even more outdated compared to its analog counterpart.

Sorry, rambled a little bit there, but I think you guys get the point. What do you think? Is it really cheap, or am I just stuck in the past?

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