Trying to Understand Mortality Tables -Help with a few terms [Q]

Hi, I’m working on a tool that uses mortality tables and I’ve used the one from the US SSA which just tells you the probability of death for any year of life.

I found the society of actuary tables and they have the disaggregation I am interested in (based on health) but I’m am trying to understand the tables that I have downloaded.

  • There is a term “Loaded” and “unloaded” that are being used in these tables that I don’t not know the meaning of. This affects which table I would use
  • In the tables (unlike the one from SSA) there are multiple columns for each age with the heading duration from 1 to 25. What does duration mean in this context?
  • Most importantly, what do I need to do to consolidate these large tables into a single table of death probability by age for each subgroup?


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