Learning Math notation FAST?

Does anybody have any tips/tricks/guides/methods for learning math notation as quickly and effectively as possible? My goal is to memorize and understand as many mathematical notations and symbols as I can as quickly as I can. By “understand”, I mean being able to look at it as if it was part of the English language. Obviously it’s never going to be as second nature as English is to me, but I want to strive for an understanding as close to that as possible. Any advice or resources on this?

Just to give some insight as to where my math skills lie, I have gone through the traditional US math curriculum, all the way through differential and integral calculus. The most challenging of my math classes happened to be statistics and discrete math, so my intuition on these 2 classes aren’t as strong as most other maths calculus and below. Even though I took all these math classes, I don’t think I really have an intuitive feel for math notation. Even when I understand the underlying concept, it often takes me much longer than I’d like to figure out what the equations are saying.

Tl dr; How do I learn math notation as effectively as possible, but also in a reasonable amount of time?

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