What do people want to see more of in this sub?

I’ve noticed this sub is pretty low on posts, especially compared to a couple years ago when there was frequently high level discussion in various posts. What kind of content do people want to see on this sub? What would your ideal front page look like?

Personally, I love people sharing topics in math they enjoy (that are more obscure than calculus), like the posts over the last week about the physics/Tao paper or that person who uploaded a paper about that knot theory result. I would also love to see more people writing expositions on more advanced subjects, like the on an off “all about x” posts, or something similar.

I’m less enthused when I go on this sub and it’s a bunch of visualizations of fractals or Fourier series or whatnot and then people bashing on how calculus is taught. I’d love to see more serious mathematical content/expository stuff (and if people also want to see this, I’d be happy to post what I can).

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