Tom Dieck – Algebraic Topology

Has anyone here used this book for studying? It seems less concise than May’s Concise Course, but no less abstract and categorical. I also consider studying from Rotman and Davis-Kirk, but they appear to be lacking in algebro-topological content compared to tom Dieck (aside from spectral sequences in Davis-Kirk).

1) How dense is the book? I’m in particular interested in how readable are his proofs. I’ve heard that May’s proofs are only rough sketches of ones.

2) What are the prerequisites for reading the book? It appears that tom Dieck assumes a solid command of algebra and category theory. I’m personally afraid that I need to know more group theory to tackle any advanced text on algebraic topology. For example, I didn’t study free products of groups (I only know that they are coproducts in the category of groups). There are also two chapters that assume some acquaintance with smooth manifolds.

In general, I would be thankful for any information regarding this text.

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