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Hi I’m an engineering student and am thinking about taking complex analysis or differential manifolds this semester but not sure which one to choose. I have taken real analysis and received decent grade for that one. In my study, I’d use a lot of calculus and fourier analysis. I’d say I have a fair foundation in such subjects but did not start out as a math major. My efforts to learn more math is to help me do my engineering work (mostly fluid mechanics) better. I cannot afford too much credit hours to take math classes so hopefully would want to take the most valuable ones. I know many folks here are doing pure math, so I was hoping you could point out a few math classes that are much more difficult to be self taught or most important in all math road map. If you also are from engineering background, I’d like to know which classes are so far most helpful. Thanks for your help! I’d appreciate more if any of you could point out a few math roadmaps for someone with backgrounds like me.

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