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The following books are for sale. Prices do not include shipping, which would of course depend on where you live. All are from the publisher, high quality prints, etc. No photocopies or dodgy international editions. All prices in CAD$ or USD$ (I’m not going to lower the price just because your paying USD)

Analysis and Differential Equations

$10 Differential calculus on normed spaces 2nd edition – Cartan

$20 Folland Real Analysis hardcover

$20 Rudin Functional Analysis Hardcover

$20 Conway a course in functional analysis Hardcover

$20 Theorie Des Distributions Laurent Schwartz Paperback

$15 A basic course in partial differential equations Han

$20 Jost Partial Differential Equations

$10 Fritz John Partial Differential Equations


$10 Topology of 4-manifolds Freedman and Quinn

$20 Characteristics classes

$30 A panoramic view of riemannian geometry

Plus more to come – I want to see if this is a waste of time before listing everything

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