I have found the worst new tires on the market

My Type R got hit last week in a pretty bad accident, so I went down to Enterprise to pick up a rental car and they put me in a 2019 Jetta with Primewell PS830 tires.

Let me tell you, these tires are no match for the Jetta’s mighty 184 lb-ft of torque. Pulling out of parking lots and onto main streets is an ordeal. The tires spin almost every single time. God forbid you’re on a slight incline and need to get moving from a stop. I’m certain that with little effort I could do burnouts that put my Mustang to shame. I have zero confidence braking in these things, and I am extremely curious to see what happens when it rains later this week.

I know, I know, what do you expect for $40.99 per corner. Yes, you read that right – $40.99/tire.

Never buy these pieces of shit. It’s truly remarkable how they managed to make a tire this bad. And shame on Enterprise for putting these death traps on their fleet.

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