[C] What to do if you waste a year of your life on a stats masters and aren’t good enough to be a statistician/statistical analyst/data scientist etc.?

I’m 23, from the UK, and I’m about to finish an MSc in Stats (with Data Science according to the degree, this is in name only). I’ve wasted my time. I’m not good enough to be any of those jobs stated above. My presentation skills are apparently too shit. I didn’t even do a presentation and they realised. Had an interview for a “Graduate econometrician”, and got the feedback of “great at econometrics/programming, but we’re going with other people because of their presentation skills” which is basically “you’re shit and we needed some nice stuff to say to soften the blow”. I’m well aware of how presentation skills are super important as a (insert all those jobs), so basically this confirms I’m not good enough and I’ve wasted my whole year in trying this career path. I just don’t know what else I can do now. Like what jobs are there for people who are too shit to be (insert jobs) and apparently also have shit presentation skills? I feel like I’m just going to be unemployed the rest of my life because my presentation skills are dogshit. I’ll list my module marks below if it helps think of things to do:

Bayesian Theory (92), Bayesian Data Analysis (86), Credit Scoring (80), Generalised Regression Models (78), Incomplete Data Analysis (92), Python Programming (91), Scientific Computing (81), Statistical Learning (92), Statistical Methodology (86), Statistical Programming (100), Statistical Research Skills (73), Time Series (71). Dissertation project 1 (80).

Also had a year out when I was younger basically just doing SQL and Excel so I know them to a reasonable standard.

I just feel like such an abject failure and I don’t know what to do. I hoped to use an alt, but understandably there’s the karma rule to prevent shitposts.

Feel free to tell me to kill myself mods. Thought about the weekly thread but I’m very much not looking to transition in given…you know the whole being a failure thing. I just don’t know what to do. Stats is one of literally 3 things I enjoy, and knowing I’m not good enough to do it as a career just further ruins my life.

I suppose my primary question is: What job can you get if you’re too stupid to do any stats, and have shit presentation skills? Or failing that, does anyone know any good suicide methods?

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