How to test significance from GPA v hours worked/week in college survey data? (personal project for fun)

I created a survey and posted on the university meme site, got 200 responses. The goal of this survey was to determine relationship between GPA and hours/week worked in a job for full time uni students. This is a personal curiosity, as I am wondering if i should continue working this 3rd year of uni, so decided i’d answer the question myself. I already filtered out the data to exclude things like jobs which you can study on job vs not, no freshmen, etc. This leaves me with around 156 responses. Here is just an initial scatterplot. (image in link)

What are some tests I can do to test for relations between gpa and hrs/week worked for

  1. Both stem and non-stem majors and

  2. for differences in dirstribution for non-stem and stem majors?

There’s a paper which found students who work 12-15hrs/week have slightly higher grades than those who don’t, so I thinking about looking at how they analyzed data. Also thinking about checking out 2D Kolmogorov Smirnov test, if it’s applicable.

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