JMP, Stata, R, ???

I recently left my job at a large engineering company where I became pretty competent in JMP. The program is awesome and Excel now makes me cringe.

I now work at a startup company and have gotten the CEO and other engineers into doing more formal statistical analysis on our experiments. Got the 1-month JMP license everyone was impressed.

Unfortunately, JMP is expensive and we aren’t sure we can afford to bite off that much.

From looking online, Stata seems like a different reasonable paid alternative (perpetual license) but I have zero experience with it.

It also looks like R is the most powerful option out there, you’d just need to learn how to code and use it.

The types of analysis and plots I need to do are all the normal simple ones



-Scatter plots

-Tukeys comparisons

-Variance comparisons

-confidence and prediction intervals

-variability gauge charts

In addition, one of the things that I got the most from JMP was the Fit-Model analysis + the predictive profiler inside of it.

I’m not completely inept when it comes to learning programming languages, I just don’t know any broadly useful ones. I taught myself Matlab, VBA, and a little bit of the JMP language but have never done anything like Python or R.

Questions for the statistics community

1) Will I be able to do all those types of analyses in Stata? In R?

2) Is there another program out there I should consider?

3) Is it feasible to learn enough of R in 2-3 days to perform all the types of analyses I discussed above?

4) Is Stata or R capable of generating sufficient types of plots as a visual aid for people who don’t understand statistics?

Any additional pointers are welcome

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