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Hi everyone. Sorry this is a bit long-winded, but I just want to give enough info so you guys can help as much as possible!

I am 21y/o and just graduated with a BS in CS from a top 10 university. I figured out late in the game that I have a strong interest in statistics; I interned as a data engineer at a software company last summer and found myself much more interested in what the data science and analytics teams were doing than what my DE team was doing.
I haven’t identified a specific career path, but I love using statistical models and analysis to answer questions (especially sports-related) and am definitely intrigued by data science roles.

Current Situation

I decided recently that I want to pursue a graduate degree in statistics (it seems to me that a grad degree is pretty much necessary to land many statistics-related careers), and naturally I began looking into MS/MA programs. After a little digging, it became clear that many people suggest going straight for a PhD rather than an MS/MA. I’ve even seen people writing off Master’s programs as money-sucks to get cash for universities to fund PhD programs.


How are Master’s degrees looked at in industry/are they sufficient to land jobs? Is there any reason to apply to Master’s programs instead of PhD programs/get a Master’s before applying to PhD, or is that just a waste of money/time? Finally, since I am preparing to soon take the GRE, should I be taking any GRE subject tests for either of the Masters/PhD routes?

I am a blank slate in this area, so any/all school-related and career-related advice is very much appreciated. Thank you everyone!

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