Confession: I secretly wish my car would break down.

I bought a used 04′ camry back during my freshman year of college for a few grand (my whole savings at the time). It had around ~197k miles at the time, and I was worried back then that it might not last until I could graduate and start working a full time job. Fast forward to today, I graduated 2 years ago and the damn thing is still running, with 252k miles on it. I’ve driven it like a maniac, did really infrequent oil changes, and didn’t even realize transmission fluid was a thing. This is even more amazing considering I drove for door dash very aggressively back during college, so think lots of city driving during those years. At the same time, I now make enough to want to get a modern car (could really use carplay and a backup camera) but it’s hard to justify it since everything still works perfectly, with the only complaint I have being the power windows make a slight creak in cold weather and the AC’s takes around 10 minutes to perfectly cool the cabin at full blast.

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