Weekly /r/Statistics Discussion – What problems, research, or projects have you been working on? – June 26, 2019

Please use this thread to discuss whatever problems, projects, or research you have been working on lately. The purpose of this sticky is to help community members gain perspective and exposure to different domains and facets of Statistics that others are interested in. Hopefully, both seasoned veterans and newcomers will be able to walk away from these discussions satisfied, and intrigued to learn more. It’s difficult to lay ground rules around a discussion like this, so I ask you all to remember Reddit’s sitewide rules and the rules of our community. We are an inclusive community and will not tolerate derogatory comments towards other user’s sex, race, gender, politics, character, etc. Keep it professional. Downvote posts that contribute nothing or detract from the conversation. Do not downvote on the mere fact you disagree with the person. Use the report button liberally if you feel it needs moderator attention. Homework questions are (generally) not appropriate! That being said, I think at this point we can often discern between someone genuinely curious and making efforts to understand an exercise problem and a lazy student. We don’t want this thread filling up with a ton of homework questions, so please exhaust other avenues before posting here. I would suggest looking to /r/homeworkhelp, /r/AskStatistics, or CrossValidated first before posting here. Surveys and shameless self-promotion are not allowed! Consider this your only warning. Violating this rule may result in temporary or permanent ban. I look forward to reading and participating in these discussions and building a more active community! Please feel free to message me if you have any feedback, concerns, or complaints. Regards, /u/keepitsalty submitted by /u/AutoModerator [link] [comments]

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