Comparing the width of fabrics – T-Test?

Hey guys, ​ So a quick intro, i work at a Textile company as a data analyst/treatment (mostly preparing data for engineers present to administration). I’m a Mechanical Eng student myself (3rd year) and as time passes i realize more that the way they treat data is to simplistic. So i though that i could start introducing new concepts so we can really understand what numbers tell and if what we think is wrong is really wrong. ​ Yesterday the production director told me to compare the width of 2 colors of the same fabric, because often the white color is larger than the others. We want to understand if this happens and how far the value is from the width it should have. She told me to make a graph with the width over time (2018 vs 2019), and the problem is the n for each year is different, way different. I still made the graph since it kinda gives her the idea of what is happenning. After that i though, how can i be preciser about this? I’ve decided to make a T-Test (It’s in portuguese but i think you guys can get it). ​ Where do i go from here? Is there a better way to do this? ​ Thanks a lot in advance. Sorry if it’s not understandable, im here if you guys have questions. submitted by /u/dcpye [link] [comments]

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