Comparing Mediation Models

I have a set of three variables, one of which is an outcome (VarC), and two which could either be an IV or mediator (VarA and VarB). If I have all these variables at multiple time points, what’s the most defensible way to see which model fits the data best (with the two models being VarA@T1 predicting VarC@T3 mediated by VarB@T2 versus the model VarB@T1 predicting VarC@T3 mediated by VarA@T2)? I’ve tried setting this up in an SEM framework, but I’m unsure if a model with VarA as exogenous vs. VarB as exogenous renders comparing AIC/BICs incorrect? Thank you! submitted by /u/codydh [link] [comments]

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