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Hello, I am a recently separated veteran. I spent 6 years as a Navy nuke and I will be starting school in the fall majoring in Statistics at UCONN. Before the Navy, I did 3 semesters at a no name college as a Physics major. I have taken a 3 course set of calculus, a discrete math class, and an intro to programming class (Java) but no statistics classes. I’m looking for some advice about returning to school and eventually going on to grad school. I have completely forgotten how to do any sort of calculus that I did at my previous school. How much of this will I have to know when I return to school? I have starting refreshing myself on calc and trig using Khan Academy. Do you think this will be sufficient or do I need to do more? How do I set myself up as much as possible for getting into a good grad school during my undergrad time given that I will have less time to graduation than a traditional student? How much programming will I have to teach myself vs how much will be taught in classes? From what I have read R and Python are the most popular languages in this field. What can I do now to get a head start? How much does the type of Masters degree matter? MS vs MPS vs MPH vs MAS etc. Does it affect employability? I have no interest in pursuing a PhD at this time. Do you have any experience with development programs that employers offer right out of school? Things like this: or the PMF program with the federal government. Not many of these are offered to stats majors it seems. Is sports analytics a reasonable career field or is this too niche? I know that the navy nuke program has a very high reputation in the engineering field but I have no clue about the stats/data science field. Anyone work with any former nukes? Any stories of fellow non traditional students/careers are welcome. 🙂 submitted by /u/PenguinPoop92 [link] [comments]

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