At a complete loss about how to analyze this survey. All categorical or likert data with many variables of interest.

I am analyzing a survey of about 30 questions. All of the survey questions are on a likert scale from 1 to 10. The demographic information is categorical. For example age is “18-25”, “25-45”,… not numeric. The goals of this analysis are unclear, but thankfully it is exploratory so I am not overly concerned about controlling error rates. The goal, though, is to explain support of several types of policy (measured on a likert scale). The PI would like to see why people support certain types of policy (not a causal claim) . I do not think this is possible, but maybe I am wrong. I have no idea how to actually model this. Traditional regression modeling seems out of the question. There are around ten types of policy they want explained. I would have to run 10 regression models, changing the independent variable each time. I am not concerned with strictly controlling the Type I error because this is exploratory, but I do not trust results from so many regression models. I will definitely chase a false positive. Another complication is that everything is either 0-to-10 likert or categorical. Does anyone have any similar experience? The high level problem is analyzing likert survey data with many variables of interests. submitted by /u/webbed_feets [link] [comments]

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