When was the last time a (mathematical) nobody came up with a serious mathematical theorem? (Bayes for example)

I’m wondering if there’s any information on the amount of theorems / mathematical ideas that have been generated by people who aren’t part of the establishment over recent years and whether that has declined significantly.

It makes sense that It should in a way if the idea is that more of “maths” is being solved and we’re left with the harder bits. But then there are many more areas now, and the notion of there being a finite amount of maths also feels a bit funky.

Perhaps, if there are significantly less theorems / ideas from those not in the mathematical establishment, this is a result of people disengaging from the subject more because there are increasingly more things to actually engage with? Would napier have bothered to write out logs if he could have been on reddit?

Perhaps someone has some thoughts on this, or knows something about ideas which have been important to maths from people who aren’t part of the establishment.

I think anyone with an undergraduate degree in mathematics might be considered as part of the establishment for the purposes of this post.

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