Transfer out of state title?

This might fall under “used car advice” so I’m expressly sorry about that, but my intent isn’t on advice about the car specifically.

I’m buying a parts car from a fairly niche enthusiast group (80’s turbo Chryslers lol) and I know what I’m getting myself into regarding the car specifically. I’m not worried about the condition of the car or anything like that.

I’m buying the car sight unseen from across the US (seller is in Michigan I’m in california). The seller has agreed that PayPal goods and services would suffice for payment for the vehicle.

Is that a good option? I know and use PayPal all the time, I just don’t know about buying cars with it. How do I transfer the title? What do I need from the seller in terms of paperwork? What should I know? This is quite literally the first car I’ve ever bought, so I’m completely new to this (already own another k-car parents gave it to me lol)

Also, what shipping service have you guys used and recommend? I want to get the car shipped/towed or whatever from Michigan to California.

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