Another Thanos 50% question – how would it impact flights in the air?

If a random 50% selection of humans suddenly disappeared, how would that impact the (estimated) 8,000 planes in the sky? Would none of them crash, or would 2,000 crash (25%) due to two missing pilots. My contention is that since pilots make up .002% of the population, there is a ((.50 * .00002)*100) percent chance any given pilot will disappear. For the sake of simplicity, if we assume that most planes have a pilot and copilot, the odds are (.5*.00002)^2)*100…in other words, it’s really, really unlikely that both pilots vanish. Does it makes sense to apply the odds of BOTH populations (the selected ‘half’ randomly selected by Thanos, plus those that are pilots), or do you just simply assume that 50% of the pilots are are gone, and 25% of the flights lose both pilots and co pilots, and therefore the flight crashes? ((.5*.5)*100) I’m my gut, I think this is a simple question, but I’m not confident enough to step up tell others (including my wife!) that they’re wrong, and I’m right. So, I’m looking for some validation. submitted by /u/okeemike [link] [comments]

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