Can I get some help?

So I am struggling with a research design course in college. I’m holding a 4.0 so far in college, but I can’t wrap my head around this.

Sorry in advance. I’m sure this is baby stuff for most of you; but for whatever reason this doesn’t compute with me.

I’m provided an article and then asked to identify: A. The research problem. B. Research design. C. Data-gathering strategy. D. Any hypothesis. E. Dependent variables. F. Independent variables G. How key dependent and independent variables are operationalized.

Does anyone have a basic explanation and tips of how locate and extract these? I thought I was on the right track until I scored a 50 on my first assignment of this type, but I don’t have the feedback yet and am not even sure what I did wrong.

Also, I apologize if this is the wrong sub for this. But it seemed to fit.

Thanks so much.

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