Bifactor vs. Unidimensional models – SEM

Hello all,

I am new at r/statistics, but I jut can’t seem to find the answer I am looking for, and I am wondering if y’all can help me.

Basically, I ran several CFAs, and I am struggling to find the model with the best fit.
The bifactor model had the best fit indices, but I am aware that bifactor models tend to ‘overfit’ the data, compared to a simple three-factor solution.

The loadings on the bifactor model are smaller than the ones on the three-factor solution. I am have been reading on ECV and PUC, but I am just not clear how that would lead me to determine model fit.

I am just looking for some guidance on my decision tree, particularly how to find out which model fits better.

Anyways, I am a bit lost. Let me know if any of this does not make sense, and I’d be happy to clarify.
Thanks for your help in advance!

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