Taking a Graduate Course in Algebra (Need Advice)

Quick sum up of what I am hoping for:

I will most likely (not yet sure) attend a university that does not have much of a Graduate Program. Due to this, I wish to enroll in a concurrent enrollment program at a nearby university. I am eyeing the Graduate Algebra Course there and it seems that I would need the instructor’s permission.

So the question is, what do your professor’s require from a student before you would ever allow them to take the course?What should a student present for you to be convinced that the student can take such a course?

I think most professors would be concerned about the student’s prior knowledge and whether or not they know the material. Hence, I think I would/should show the professor my notes, preparations, and state that I am prepared to work as hard as needed. I would also most likely try to assure the professor that they would not have to spend extra time helping me and show that I take full responsibility of my grade.

Edit (A Quick Comment):

What is the best way to avoid seeming a little over your head? I know for a fact that there is a lot to learn, and I fear my enthusiasm makes me seem more like a crank than a passionate student.

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