Is theoretical computer science (specifically, database theory) “hard”?

Hi! I have this…issue. During my career (I studied Pure Mathematics), I had some courses in Logic and Computability Theory. I really liked them; everything seemed quite easy. My thesis was about ordinals and went smoothly.

I’m considering doing a phd in database theory (I have a very concrete offer) and I think I understand at least the questions the group is trying to answer, and also the notions involved.

However, I am quite scared. I suspect that I like logic because it was so easy (in contrast to, say, Differential Geometry), and that this was the case because the courses I took weren’t too advanced.

So, I was wondering, what kind of problems are considered “hard” in logic? Are proofs really complex and technical? Do you develop any kind of intuitions with the subject? In my case, ordinals had some…let’s say “geometric” intuition about them, for example.

If any one of you guys out there do logic, and specifically database theory, I’d be really happy to chat. (Does Leonid Libkin have reddit 🙂 ?)

Edit: Oh, I know about imposter syndrome.

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