3D Interpolation Methods over Scattered Data

Hi, I’m busy programming a windows application for a sensor developed at our university. I will use C# (or C++ if necessary), can’t use Matlab or proprietary software for this.

I get a file with about 100-200 samples of 3D points like:

-17.3 22.0 5.0 -18.0 23.0 5.1 etc. 

The structure will always look similar like a folded piece of paper, here an example

Example of 3D point structure

Now I measure X and Y values and want to interpolate the corresponding Z value. I don’t need to visualize it, I just need a value that is better than some linear interpolation between the closest points. Extrapolation is also not necessary.

I’m a bit lost what would be the best algorithm for me. So far I just heard buzzwords like Delauney triangulation, Kriging, Splines or NURBs but I couldn’t find anybody who has some experience with this and can estimate what is fitting for my purpose.

I hope I posted it in the right way at the right place. And thank you for your help in advance already.

PS: I’m not even sure if this is considered “scattered data” .. correct me if I’m wrong.

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