How to read books to aid in passing the course/getting ahead of the course?

Say I’m taking a mathematical analysis course (calc 1/2 equivalent) and we’re covering integrals. I’m fascinated by the topic and want to understand it deeper and better but the lectures and problem sets prepared for us is not enough for me. So the first solution for me would be to read books but here’s the question.

How do I combine lectures and books? Do I start reading the book where the topic that interests me starts? How much time should I spend on the problems in the book? I guess what I’m really asking is, should I focus more on the lectures itself or the book. I also don’t want to get way ahead to the point of me being bored during the lectures

Sorry if this questions seems dumb but I couldn’t find any discussion about it. Maybe because I can’t succinctly pose this question but I hope you guys can help me.

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