Graphing equations in Economics

Hello, all. I am currently studying Economics, specifically Macro, and the Classical supply side theory. I was hoping for some assistance on how I could model things like the AD/AS supply curve graph.

While it would not be hard to simply create a couple of exponential, log, etc equations that look like it, I need it to be in such a way that I can manipulate the graph by changing variables so that it reacts to changes similarly to how it would in the theory.

The program I am planning on using is Desmos graphing calculator, although if there are others online that you think would be better for this then I would appreciate it.

Any help is welcome, even just pointers at things I can try. This is not homework or for a grade, I am just doing this because it helps to visualize the relationships of the variables. My Professor also agreed that to have this tool would be helpful in demonstrations to the class.

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