stats question (very basic)!

Hi there folks. I have a simple stats question that I would appreciate if you guys could help.

Q: Assume a 10-page scientific journal paper that has 10 typos in it. If the typos are randomly distributed over the 10 pages, find the probability of having a single typo on each page.

I initially thought of using the multiplication principle but realized that it only accounted for specific ordered steps(permutation i think)

ex: 1/11 *1/10* ~*1/1 = 1/11! = 1/39,916,800

So I was thinking I had to use the combination nCk equation to find the possible outcomes for each page to have exactly one typo and then divide it by total outcome n(S).

nCk / n(S) = 10C1 / 11! = 10/39,916,800

Is this method correct? Sorry if I sound like an idiot. It’s my first stats class this year.

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