My recent purchase. 2018 BMW 340i “ZHP”

Pictures of this beauty!

Background: I work at a BMW dealership here at Hawaii. Prior to the 340i, I had a 17 Mini Cooper Manual with the cute 3cyl engine. It was a great car and massive fun to drive, but when I saw the 340i, I knew it was calling for me.

Now about the 340i some might say that the “ZHP” option was only possible with the E46. Well I thought the same until I saw the MSRP sticker. The “ZHP” option has M Performance Power and Sound Kit (exhaust system, exhaust camshaft and engine tune), M Limited Slip Differential, Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler, Mirror Caps and Rear Diffuser. So the F30 “ZHP” option is limited to 100 cars in U.S. with 75 equipped 6 speed manual and 25 equipped ZF8 Auto. I researched a bit more and BMW has also released a 435i “ZHP” for the MY2016. If anyone else has more info for about this rare option please chime in!

The sticker price is near a M2 Competition but the residual and rebates for the 340i became a greater discount combined with my employee discount. I love driving it everyday and it automatically gives me a huge smile whenever it pops and burbles. So far I am very happy with my purchase. Just wanted to share a very special car.

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