What can I do to report lying crook car inspector?

Not sure if this where I should post this but here it goes anyways.

I recently took my car in to be inspected and was told my third brake light was not working. They told me it would cost about $250 to replace, but opted to do it myself. I returned home and tested it myself and it worked 100% of the time. I wasn’t able to return until a few days later but continually checked it every day and it continued to always work.

I returned and they once again claimed it was not working. The inspector brought me out and had another guy press the brake to show me, but it lit up. He claimed it wasn’t working at all before and the other guy kept pressing the brake. On maybe 2/20 attempts, the third brake light would not come on while the other two did, which baffled me as it had worked every single time when I tried.

I returned home and tested again, still worked. I then realized if you press the brake as lightly as possible, you could get the two other brake lights to turn on, and not the third one. I took the car to another inspector who passed it and never mentioned the lights not working.

So what kind of recourse do I have? I want this guy to be accountable and stop scamming people. I’m fairly certainly he was pulling the same exact trick against another customer as I pulled in.

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