Statistic Summer 2019 Internship/Research for Freshman Undergraduate

Hi everyone,

I’ve been feeling the pressure to search for and lock down a summer 2019 plan, whether it be an internship or research. For some background, I’ll be finishing my first year of college and will have basic knowledge on economics and statistical tests/procedures, as well as familiarization with Python and working with data (intended Statistics/Data Science double major). I would prefer research over internships because I think it’d be an interesting experience, but beggars definitely can’t be choosers.

I’m planning on emailing some professors to possibly assist on any summer research they may have. I’ve also been looking into some school-funded and outside internship programs. The most difficult thing is definitely my lack of expertise in the field, and the fact that I’m a freshman.

That being said, what are your opinions on options and pathways for this summer? Any tips on emailing professors about working on their summer research projects? What career realms can I look into (ex. finance? marketing?) I’ve briefly heard of companies that hold specific internships for undergrad freshman/sophomores; does anyone have any more information on this? (I’ve come to a dead-end on researching this) What are your experiences with statistics research during early undergrad?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!

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