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Hi everyone,

I will be applying to stats/cs grad programs within the next month, and I was hoping to get your feedback on my resume. I come from a non-STEM background, but I have slowly taken a lot of math/stats/cs prerequisites after finishing my professional masters degree related to public administration.

I’ve never had to highlight technical abilities on a resume before, and I’m not sure if what I have will catch the eye of the admissions committees or if I have any glaring mistakes. So I’m interested in any and all feedback regarding this draft resume. The “Motivation” section at the bottom is nontraditional, but the idea is to convey why I’d like to get a graduate degree outside of my current field. Let me know your thoughts on this.

Please note, I am only interested in graduate programs that are online or that I can attend live stream. I’ve watched all of the admissions webinars for the programs I’m interested in, and they all said to highlight any online class experience that a student has. So I have done that and don’t think I should take that off my resume.

Thank you very much for your help.

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