Your projects you probably should have called it quits on [Discussion]

I like going through r/cars and seeing the things people have bought/consider buying but wondered about the ones you’ve had but probably should have gotten rid of. But now it’s years down the line and you either still have it and have sunk considerably more than its worth or you got rid but still, for some reason, lament getting rid of.

Mine is my E36, 328i.

Got it 3 years ago.
In the first year had to do the water pump, had to drain the boot which had about an inch of water in it, strip it all back and underseal it again, new suspension because one of the shocks was leaking heavily and the other side spring sheared into bits, then front brakes (disks and pads) but then realised the brake line had a nick in it so they were replaced.
Since then, it’s been welded (floor was rusting), the power steering rack went, it needed new wings (rust), new radiator, new thermostat housing, a battery. This is before all the service parts…
This year the list continues, I’ve just bought my first angle grinder because the rust has continued to eat its way in new places.

It’s a car I probably should have gotten rid of a while ago but I just really like it. I like how it drives, how it sits on the road and how it looks parked up. I’ve also learnt a lot about repairing these things but also expanded my tool kit by a fair amount!

Interested to hear about yours…

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