I almost drove some random persons brand new Genesis G80

So… I’m young I’m 20 years old, I was at work and I see the gentlemen pull up in a brand new G80 with a carbon fiber roof/ mirror caps with the car itself being white… it looked nice so i started up a conversation… this led to him telling me to go sit down and start her up…. I did and of course it had most options that they probably have to offer, (Genesis’ options selections are super weird/expensive from what I understand, still cheaper than competitors but its opinion at that point) any way he just tells me to go take it for a rip around the block, unfortunately I couldn’t because I was at work… but I would’ve loved to do so. Anyway, what are your opinions on Genesis as a brand and it’s competition. P.S. also super excited to see the Supra debut in less than 1 week!

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