Has anyone ever left a note or fake parking ticket on your vehicle? What were the circumstances?

This morning I went to work and noticed something on the windshield of my other car. It looked a lot like a parking ticket, which is odd because the neighborhood has zero posted parking restrictions, and I’ve never seen anyone with a ticket, much less seen any parking enforcement vans.

Just a little background on the parking situation- every house has a driveway where they can fit 1-2 cars. I do not live in a busy part of town. Street parking is plentiful, it’s very rare you ever have to park more than 1-2 houses away (like 100ft max) from your address. I parked with the rear of the vehicle about 4 ft away from a driveway entrance. There was a car in front, but not enough space to fit another vehicle in between us.

Yet that was enough to earn the below “summons”:


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