Why you should change your brake fluid

I’ve seen a debate about if brake fluid needs to be changed. According to https://www.cars.com/articles/2013/12/does-brake-fluid-need-to-be-changed/ , some brands don’t have a defined change interval at all. Here’s the deal: brake fluid is hygroscopic meaning it absorbs water. This lowers its boiling temperature and reduces the time it takes for your brakes to fade (there are tools to measure this). Even if you don’t care about the performance aspect, you should still change it every few years because that water eventually causes damage inside your brake system. I’ve noticed vehicles that have had brake fluid service neglected have a very high caliper failure rate. As an example, my 1999 E46 has had both front calipers lock up and my 2004 Rainier will now have all four calipers replaced – at 101k miles. Vehicles that have had service done seldom have issues at all, at least in my experience. Changing the fluid doesn’t cost much and is an easy way to ensure your braking system continues to work well in the future.

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