Demotivated and Depressed by Bad Statistical Analysis By My Employer

I work for a bank that values customer satisfaction and we, the employees are being graded according to NPS surveys. For four years we had been getting less than 1% survey responses and this had already created an unfair working environment for we have no control over our monthly evaluations because of insufficient data. We deal with an average of 500 customers each month but only get 1-6 survey responses. Yet this data is being used to rate us as employees. You can imagine that all employees never have any consistent evaluation. An employee evaluation dictates his/her career. Our appraisal and career growth relies on our numbers. I’ve already voiced out multiple times that this what they’re doing is not scientific and the surveys should be increased. As usual, as any big financial company, I am ignored. I’m curious. Did i miss anything? Does anyone here know what a valid survey response rate is for NPS?

TL;DR: Employer uses NPS to gauge employees but response rates are less than 1%. What is a valid response rate for NPS to be considered useful data?

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